About Us

Origin Quality Services originated on 28th June 2005. The need for the company was the requirement for providing services for the various products and installations for fire detection and protection in the fire and safety industry. Most of the companies have the required precautionary installations and were in search for proper skilled manpower to maintain and service the same to keep it operational and healthy. There was also a requirement of checkup and upgradation. These aspects being labour oriented were overlooked due to time and monetary matters. This requirement was looked, understood and served by the entry of Origin Quality Services.

Origin Quality Services saw this Customers need, Safety need and Compliance need and started providing the services for the related Products and Installations from basic Fire Extinguishers to Fixed Installations like Fire Alarm, Smoke Detection System, Fire Hydrant System, Sprinkler System, PA System, CCTV System, Burglar Alarm System.

The services rendered by Origin Quality Services got a good encouraging response from the customers. This led to providing new Products and Installations too for the existing satisfied customers and referred new customers. Thus 3 divisions were formed Viz., Fire Extinguishers, Installations and Maintenance of the Systems.

We at Origin Quality Services found the need of awareness amongst the occupants of the installed systems for better co-ordination, understanding, to protect the life and property, and knowing the importance of safety in general. The request for the same by customers confirmed that the need was genuine and thus we started the training programmes in small capsules, wherein the concerned staffs were trained on using the functions of the system and the response required to control the accidental fires, if any? This message was carried in their life at home too, thus inculcating safety habits where possible.

Origin Quality Services welcomes any new ideas and thoughts to upgrade the products and installations to cater to your needs.

Wishing you all, our customer and friends of Origin Quality Services
Safe, Secured and Happy life