Annual Maintenance Contract or Preventive Maintenance Contract is an important aspect of the safety of the premises, wherein the installed systems are checked regularly at monthly interval to inspect the functioning, rectify and keep it healthy to keep it operational and effective in case of any emergency.

CCTV System is an important aspect acting as a police to detect any accident and contain the damage and warning the intruder and keep the premises safety. The cameras require regular alignment and cleaning of the lenses & checking the connectivity.

Access Control is important for guiding the premises against unauthorized entry and regulates the flow of people, hence is important security system where in the controllers and readers need to be checked for functioning.

Fire Alarm System is important for detecting fire visually by way of Manual call point and in unmanned areas by smoke detectors. Hence are important to detect fire and alert occupants. The system accessories and system as a whole should be made and kept functional for safety like smoke detectors which should be frequently cleaned.

PA System is important to address occupants in case of emergency. Hence the amplifier, speaker and mike should be kept functioning.

Fire Extinguishers are inspected for the state of readiness of the equipment in case of small accidental fire. All types of the fire extinguishers require periodic checkup, refilling, testing and service as required.

Sprinkler System is a network of independent soldiers of sprinkler which discharge water in case of fire. They work on the principle of heat. The network of pipes has sprinkler bulbs attached to the ceiling. When the heat of the area increases to 68 degrees Celsius, the Red colour liquid in the bulb starts boiling and hence breaks the glass bulb. On breaking the glass the opening is formed from where water is discharged in the form of a shower. This sprays continuous water thus cooling and blanketing the fire. Thus it needs to be functional always

Fire Hydrant System is important in case of fire becoming big if installed in buildings. This involves Pumps, pipes network layout, hose reel drums and pipes, valves and hose pipes, pressure in the system. They can be manual mode or in auto mode as per the design of the system. The system should start as and when situation demands.